New Budgeting Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

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Have you had time to check out the great new budgeting features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010? 

I have been showing quite a few customers how the new budgeting feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 will be a time saver in the accounting department.  Many customers have different departments within their organization that create their respective budgets. Then someone has to combine all of those budgets into one. With the new feature, they can just import multiple budgets to combine them. 

Combine multiple General Ledger budgets into a single master budget 

You can combine multiple General Ledger budgets into a single master budget, one budget at a time. The master budget can be completely new and have its own budget ID, or it can be one of the original budgets. This feature is helpful when multiple departments in your organization create their own budgets, which must then be consolidated. The new “Combine Budgets” window simplifies this process. 

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Linda Krawiecki, Sherwood Systems an Arizona Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

4 thoughts on “New Budgeting Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010”

  1. Hi,

    I am new to Dynamics and I am trying to acheive something similar (consolidated budgeting and forecasting across companies) but unfortunately I am on Dynamics GP V9. Do you have recommendation for any tool that offers this function out-of-the-box or if I need to do it myself what would be best approach?


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