Microsoft Dynamics GP is Forgiving Software for Small and Large Businesses

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Microsoft Dynamics GP offers strong accounting, intercompany, manufacturing, and distribution functionality.  Dynamics GP can be set up with  simple processing steps for small offices or for large offices. GP can be set up with multiple processing steps and workflow for high volume transactions.  Either way, the software offers the checks and balances needed to ensure that mistakes are not made or can be easily corrected with a full audit trail. 

The last promotion Microsoft offered was the 3 users for a $1 which ended on June 25th.  This promotion greatly expanded the visibility in the marketplace including companies with a small accounting group.   I recently met with a small two user company that will utilize Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, General Ledger, and Bank Reconciliation.  The controller is concerned that the AP clerk will make mistakes in the new system since he is not an accountant.  We encounter this issue with most of our customers.  Clerical staff does not have to have strong accounting skills.   The software can be set up to default GL accounts based on the vendor, customer, item, service, and / or site specific.  Therefore your clerk does not even have to look up accounts if that is your preference.  This controller can also place security on the posting function and even at the account level so the controller or manager can run an edit list first, make corrections if needed, and then post.  The controller can make corrections on posted transactions easily with security access. 

Which brings up another feature; the controller has the ability to close a period for data entry with a click of a button.  Perhaps you don’t want your staff to enter transactions in July for June transactions.  All you have to do is close June for processing.  If you need to make adjustments then you open the period and enter anything you need to for the last period.  You can also close June for Sales / AR processing, but keep Payables and GL open. 

Whether you have 2 or 200 users Dynamics GP can be setup to work efficiently with ease and with full view of transactions and the security with audit trails to make corrections to ensure your staff does not need to be accountants!  One of our customers told me that she liked GP because it was so hard for her staff to make mistakes and that when they do the software is forgiving…

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by Custom Information Services, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in Texas

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