2010 World Cup Score Shows That Just One Goal Determines The Winner

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Last night the competition between Spain and Netherlands was tight (and often violent). Both sides were even until the last 4 minutes of overtime when Spain kicked the winning goal.

This reminded me that even when competition between ERP vendors is very equally matched, just one goal will determine the winner.  Earlier this year, we worked with a Connecticut manufacturing company that was evaluating Epicor vs. Microsoft Dynamics GP with manufacturing.  The scrutiny of each product was intense. And we definitely went into overtime.  And at the end, the ERP software buyer admitted that each product would give them the functionality they needed and would be a good fit for the company.  The Epicor team had collected some “yellow cards” by using some high pressure sales tactics.  But CAL Business Solutions helped Dynamics GP score the winning goal.  It all came down to trust.  After building a relationship with the company during the sales process, CAL Business Solutions was able to prove that we were the team they wanted to work with.

“We realized that while we started out looking for software, software is really not the main decision. All the packages basically can do what you need it to do, but in the end, who you want to work with is what really counts. So the decision came down to local support, the relationship we have already built with CAL and how well we were able to communicate with the people at CAL. CAL did not give us a sales pitch, you were always honest and we look forward to this project.“
Lynnanne Sansone, MIS Director, Empire Industries
Manchester, Connecticut Manufacturing Company using Microsoft Dynamics GP

This reminds me that even in a tough competitive situation, how you play the game really does count.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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