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The Top 3 Reasons Financing Your Microsoft Accounting Software Can Benefit Your Organization

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There’s no discrimination when it comes to financing available for organizations regardless of size and maturity. Organizations can start reaping the benefits immediately from accounting/ERP software packages like Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly called Great Plains) or AX without the large upfront cost. Not only can companies obtain financing from Microsoft for their accounting software but financing is also available for hardware, 3rd party software and services associated with implementation and training.

As your business grows and your needs change, you will want to think about the type of technology you are using to manage your organization and what you will need to support your future endeavors. To be successful in a competitive market and in a fluctuating economy, it’s crucial that organizations continue to build and improve their efficiencies. By leveraging different finance options organizations can be proactive and better position themselves against their competitors who may have traditionally been able to benefit sooner from financial and accounting software.

When you choose to finance your Microsoft Dynamics accounting software the resulting benefits are simple, yet very impactful to your bottom line.

Benefit #1

Without the large upfront costs you can (a) help your business maintain its competitive edge and cash reserves, (b) preserve your corporate credit lines, and (c) own the hardware you purchase outright.

Benefit #2

Instant access to a fully integrated business management solution will transmit efficiencies throughout the entire company by improving business processes, workflow and data integrity as well as reducing duplicate effort, costly errors, and time required to complete tasks.

Benefit #3

With Microsoft Financing you have the flexibility to customize your payment plan to meet your needs based on your budget and cash flow. Structured payments could include monthly, quarterly, or semiannual payment dates, including ramped or skipped payments.

Thinking beyond your current business needs and taking a closer look at the ‘long term’ business plan will help you save money and realize a return on every dollar invested in technology. Financing your ERP software from a single software provider like Microsoft allows you to spread out the costs over time, so you can manage your business finances more effectively today and preserve your cash for emergencies or other investment opportunities.

Did you know:

  • 33% of Microsoft Financing Users ‘strongly agree’ Microsoft Financing improves their cash flow (14% stated the same of non-Microsoft vendor/manufacturer programs) - AMI Survey, Financing Trends FY09, Spencer Richardson, Associate
  •  Since February 2010 Microsoft Financing Canada has approved 77% of all applications within 24 hours of application receipt.
  •  Non-Microsoft products can be financed under the Microsoft Financing program as long as Microsoft software is part of the solution.

To learn more about Microsoft financing options for Canadian companies contact Encore Business Solutions, the largest Microsoft Dynamics partner in Western Canada.

By Encore Business Solutions, your Manitoba/Saskatchewan/Alberta/British Columbia Microsoft Dynamics Partner.

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