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Scribe Insight Eliminates Customization and Automates Integrations

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    Scribe Insight has been implemented by a large Chicago area manufacturer and distributor of ethnic foods running a 24/7 operation. Scribe replaced several customizations enabling them to upgrade from Great Plains v 7.5 to Microsoft Dynamics GP v 10.0 and automate certain processes that required users to manually launch custom code.

     The customizations, including some Visual Basic applets, were written to facilitate the movement of data in and out of Dynamics GP.  To move data out of Dynamics GP, Scribe integrations were created to extract customer aging and invoice detail as well as pricing and promotion information. Scribe delivers the data to a separate Microsoft SQL server running in a virtual environment. These integrations are scheduled via the Scribe Console to run during off hours.

     There are two types of data coming into Dynamics GP – new sales orders and payments.

    New orders taken by delivery drivers via a hand held device are uploaded into the Microsoft SQL database on the virtual server.  Scribe integrations were created to monitor the virtual server for new orders and to load them into Dynamics GP.

     When an order is delivered, the same driver creates an invoice on his hand held device. The invoice gets sent to a warehouse/inventory control system and ultimately into Dynamics GP.  Payments made for delivered goods is recorded on the hand held device but not saved with the invoice. Therefore, a Scribe integration was created to monitor the virtual server for payments received for these invoices. The integration automatically applies the payment to the appropriate unposted invoice in Dynamics GP.

     Another Scribe integration was created to upload cash receipts into Dynamics GP for payments not designated for a specific invoice.

     The system has been up and running for some time with only a few minor issues reported.  By removing a large amount of custom code, the client is less likely to remain on an unsupported version of Dynamics GP for as long as they have in the past and are able to take advantage of features in the new releases sooner. 

    By Gerry Weiler, Project Manager, at your Chicago Illinois Gold Certified Partner, Crestwood Associates.

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