Recession Intervention: Why ERP Is Critical Now.

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Submitted by:  Marcia Nita Doron, Altico Advisors

Why ERP is critical now.  It’s the title of a great little white paper.  And the subtitle is:  Timely technology can help businesses battle a down economy and spur recovery. 

Now, whether you’re of the opinion that the recession is over or not, this white paper outlines the key reasons for investing in a solid enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to optimize processes, accelerate productivity, identify trends, and discover new opportunities for revenue growth.

To weather the economic crunch, many companies implemented dramatic cost cutting measures.  But cuts alone aren’t always enough to endure hard times.  Organizations that want to survive AND thrive also recognize the importance of improving operational performance and enhancing employee productivity.  That’s part of the reason why LEAN became a buzz word over the last couple of years.  And no one would argue against the wisdom of adopting the principles of LEAN.

Without a solid ERP system, staff reductions can backfire and the framework for implementing LEAN would be lacking.  Despite your best efforts, your business would still be floundering. 

What would new software do for you?  Let’s use the example of Microsoft Dynamics GP, which lets you:

-          Reduce errors
-          Access up-to-the-minute accurate information
-          Reduce paperwork
-          Receive automated inventory and financial alerts 
-          Cut transaction time
-          Assure regulatory compliance
-          Minimize compliance risks
-          Automate tasks and reports

And the list goes on and on. 

There are several glowing testimonials from Altico clients on our site, but I’ll leave you with this quote from a Microsoft case study:

“After implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP … AIDB [Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind] has tightened accounting controls, improved compliance, boosted efficiency, and saved an estimated U.S.$330,000 over six years.”

By Altico Advisors, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner for Manufacturing and Distribution serving New Hampshire (NH)

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