Microsoft FRx Essential for Financial Reporting

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Microsoft FRx is an industry-leading, automated financial reporting and analysis application for small and midsize businesses, large corporations, and divisions of global enterprises. It is licensed by more than 130,000 sites worldwide to help financial professionals gain immediate control of the financial reporting process. Here are just some of the ways Microsoft FRx can help you:

The Microsoft FRx software application helps you to

  1. Create the kind of financial reports your organization requires, when you want them, with the detail and flexibility you need to stay on top of the trends in your business.
  2. Ensure everyone can work more efficiently. You can close the books faster, and distribute critical financial information more effectively.
  3. Even more important, Microsoft FRx helps finance departments contribute more strategically to the success of their organizations by enabling stronger financial thinking and better-informed decisions.

Microsoft FRx’s immediate business benefits

  1. Give your people the ability to provide timely and accurate information, which allows you to accelerate decision-making with in-depth financial reporting.
  2. Improve operational efficiency with easy-to-provide comprehensive, timely, and relevant financial reports on a scheduled basis or in an instant.
  3. Streamline the flow of information by choosing from a variety of traditional or graphical output options, including Excel, FRx DrillDown Viewer, online analytical processing (OLAP), or extensible business reporting language (XBRL) instance documents.
  4. Discover trends in your business without having to wait until the books are closed. Make important, proactive decisions to address your economic highs and lows on a timely basis.

Our team here at Rimrock works collaboratively with clients to improve workflow, reporting, and business intelligence challenges for a variety of industry groups and subgroups. We are dedicated to the total satisfaction of our clients and we absolutely exceed expectations on every project. Rimrock Corporation also offers a full line-up of Microsoft FRX training and Microsoft Dynamics classroom training suited to your needs and your schedule to help your staff maximize the power of the software solution.

By Rimrock Corporation a Leading Toronto Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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