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Prior to the start of a Dynamics GP product demonstration recently, I was in the conference room of a prospect, chatting with Dave, their IT guy.  While I was setting up my laptop and projector for the demo, Dave was busy working with his new smartphone.  I was waiting for everything on my system to spool up, and I asked Dave how he liked his new phone.

“This thing is awesome!  It’s super stable, lightning fast, and does everything I need it to do.  I could not be happier”.  Dave then proceeded to show me some of the really cool applications he had purchased for the phone, to personalize it to work exactly the way he needed.  “I really like that the phone and its basic system is all created by just one company, which means everything works really well.  Then the apps community can create those really specific, really cools tools for some very specialized tasks, and I can choose which ones I want to purchase and use.  It really is the perfect system”.

At this point, the rest of the prospect’s project team entered the conference room, and we got started with the demo.  The prospect’s business model (they are in the entertainment industry) was somewhat unique, and during my preparation for the demo, I had added a few modules from the Dynamics GP Independent Software Vendor (ISV) community.  From purchase requisitions to the tracking of royalties and rights, these specific business needs were perfectly met with these 3rd party products.

During the course of the demo, as I introduced each of the ISV solutions that had been included in the demo, I indicated that while these modules were written by a 3rd party vendor, but with the same tools and code as the base Dynamics GP package. Each solution was “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics,” after extensive testing and evaluation by Microsoft.  Dynamics GP is a popular platform for development by ISVs, and has been for many years.  Many of the modules and functions within the current Dynamic GP 2010 have their origins in the ISV world.  Microsoft recognizes that these tools and modules add significant value to the overall system, and they have purchased many of these solutions, incorporating them into the core system.

At the conclusion of the demo, Dave pulled me aside to let me know that he was very much against the idea of purchasing a solution that depended on the work of 3rd party developers.  I reminded Dave of his new smartphone, and the new apps that he had purchased and installed.

“Dave, if you stop to think about it, your new smartphone and Dynamics GP have a lot in common.  Both products are easy to use and learn, right out of the box, and you don’t have to worry about stability or performance.  Both products have a strenuous process for the submission and approval of new ‘apps’, since they must be written in the approved tools and code.  Why do you support this model for your new smartphone, but you are reluctant to deploy it with Dynamics GP?  It’s the same model, and Dynamics GP has been using it for years!”

By TMC, your Southern California Dynamics GP partner

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