Looking For A Rapid Migration to Dynamics GP 2010 From QuickBooks Or Peachtree?

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Microsoft Dynamics GP has just announced an update to their Rapid Tools, a pair of products that are designed to significantly reduce the time and effort needed to implement Dynamics GP 2010 and replace either QuickBooks or Peachtree.  This update is intended to shorten deployment time by reducing the effort required for basic and routine implementation tasks.  Working with a Dynamics GP partner that is experienced and proficient with these tools can result in a faster and more effective deployment of your new system.

The Rapid Tools suite consists of the Rapid Migration tool and the Rapid Configuration Tool.

The Rapid Migration Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP v2.0 quickly converts key Intuit QuickBooks company data or Sage Peachtree accounting company data to Microsoft Dynamics GP within an easy-to-use interface. Customers using QuickBooks (Pro (2003 - 2008), Premier (2003 - 2008), Enterprise (3.0 - 8.0)) and Peachtree (2009 - 2010) versions of Pro, Complete, and Premium benefit from the tool's ability to efficiently migrate the following data:
• Master Records: Accounts (including opening balances), Customers, Vendors, Items, Employees
• Open Transactions*: Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Payables, Receivables, Inventory (including inventory levels)
• Configuration Settings: Company Address, Customer Type, Payment Terms, Shipping Methods, Sales Tax, Vendor Type, Fiscal Years

The Rapid Configuration Tool is used for creating settings and data such as the chart of accounts, fiscal years, payment terms, shipping methods, taxes, core financial and distribution module setup, and more can be quickly set up using this tool.  Select from 13 pre-configured industry types, or create a custom configuration, using a Microsoft Office Excel 2007 template.  With a familiar and easy to understand interface, this tool will save lots of time during the configuration phase of the implementation.

Minimizing the amount of time and effort needed to configure your new Dynamics GP 2010 system, and migrating your master records and open transactions from your source system, means your new system is up and running in less time and effort.  This approach will leave additional time and resources available, which can be dedicated to those tasks and activities that can produce better results.  Work with your consulting partner to maximize your return on business intelligence and analytics, implement best practices and processes, deliver advanced training for your staff, and much more.

By TMC, your Southern California Dynamics GP partner.Looking For A Rapid Migration to Dynamics GP 2010 From QuickBooks Or Peachtree?

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