Game-Set-Match – Dynamics GP outlasts the competition!

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The longest match in the history of professional tennis recently took place at Wimbledon when American tennis player John Isner won the decisive fifth set (70 to 68) of his match against Frenchman Nicolas Mahut.  The incredible marathon match lasted for three days and took over 11 hours to complete. Obviously to endure a match of this duration the players had to exhibit incredible stamina, skill and strength.

Most business software technology experts will tell you that the average “playing time” for any ERP solution is typically around five years.  After that, companies replace their worn out solutions with something more in vogue and a better fit for their current needs. However, in my experience, I found this mainly to be true of businesses switching to Microsoft Dynamics GP and not from. Within my client base, I have several dozen clients who are into their tenth year or more using Dynamics GP. For any ERP solution to endure this long, it must also posses characteristics of stamina, skill and strength.

Stamina: I attribute the incredible staying power of Dynamics GP to it maintaining its relevancy to what businesses need to operate successfully and profitably.   Especially with Dynamics GP 2010 but including prior updates as well, the ever evolving functionality and features of this business software solution not only fit the current needs of businesses but adeptly adapt to changing and future needs as well.  As an example, the evolution of business analytics, so prevalent in GP 2010, is exactly what the business owner and manager of today needs and gets, on the same tried and true solution they have already been using for years.

Skill: Proficiency promotes longevity, which makes the case for ongoing training.  Installing a new version update is only the first step in the process.  Learning what new features are applicable provides the catalyst for ongoing and expanded usage. Investing in training ensures future utilization instead of abandonment because of frustration.

Strength: In one word - Microsoft.  Their commitment to the Dynamics GP solution is unwavering, and the published product life cycle extends several years into the future.  New updates will continue, new interfaces are certain to evolve. The viability of this solution is as strong as ever, and Dynamics GP will continue to offer unsurpassed value while the competition eventually loses out.

By: The Knaster Technology Group, Denver, Colorado Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP Partner for over twenty years

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