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The blown call this week by a first base umpire costing Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga’s that rarest of baseball feats - a perfect game -  has ignited considerable debate and controversy regarding the expansion of the use of instant replay in baseball. The issue is one of replacing the human element with technology in the hopes of obtaining a fairer outcome for close calls that often go the wrong way.

Rather then elaborating my position in this debate,  I instead would like to relate it to the world of ERP software, and in particular Dynamics GP 2010.  More then ever, I believe ERP solutions have evolved to the point where technology is no longer replacing the human element but rather peacefully and successfully coexisting with it.

If you think about how business software has evolved over the years, early on the focus was on “automating” repetitive and redundant manual tasks (remember “T” accounts and “footing" ledgers?).  Manual ledgers became one write systems which became spreadsheet and general ledger accounting systems which ultimately became full blown ERP systems, automating every aspect of the accounting process from data entry through the printing of financial statements.  Efficiency improved exponentially and today the mere thought of keeping the books “by hand” would be considered dark ages mentality.

Fast forward to Dynamics GP 2010.  Yes, this ERP solution is as technologically advanced as any, for reasons elaborated in several of the blogs posted by my peers.  And yet, for me, Dynamics GP 2010 is not about the technology, it’s about how the user interacts with the technology.  By focusing on roles, each user can define what information is relevant for him, and on doing so, choose how he wants to access and manipulate that information.  The CEO of an organization is most likely interested in key business metrics that measure the financial health of the company – with Dynamics GP 2010 that person can identify and isolate that business intelligence from the rest of the data.  At the same time, the accounts receivable clerk can access menus and reports that provide day to day information about sales and outstanding customer account balances – information critical to his job responsibilities. And in both cases, extraneous information is filtered out so that the focus is only on what is relevant for that user.

The point is that with the features present in Dynamics GP 2010 the user is always in the driver’s seat and the technology is only the means to an end. Each person can feel confident that the ERP technology is improving, rather than replacing, his role, resulting in a much more productive working environment and improved financial reporting.

By: The Knaster Technology Group, Denver, Colorado Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP Partner for over twenty years

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