An 18k Oversight - The Value of Staying Current in Microsoft Dynamics GP Support

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Here's a short story.  A client using Dynamics GP had a change of CFO, which unfortunately resulted in a lapse of Microsoft support for nearly 2 years.  Short story…even shorter.  Daily lapse fees alone are edging towards 18k and keep increasing daily.  I don’t have to tell you how unpalatable this number is when talking about renewing software.

Regardless, whether you’ve been a happy Microsoft Dynamics GP customer for 20 years or you’re new to your position and are contemplating what this support is all about, read on.  If you are considering lapsing, talk to your VAR (Value Added Reseller) or favorite Microsoft Partner.  Find someone to listen to you, and address your concerns.  Do this before you contemplate lapsing.

Growing up, my father would often feel “pressured” into purchasing a support plan or warranty, and then assume the vendor didn’t stand behind his product.  No one likes to be forced into anything.  In present times, you may fail to persuade me into many of the extended warranties or support plans that exist (thanks Pops), however, his contention obviously does not apply to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Here are 5 valuable reasons to embrace Microsoft’s Business Ready Licensing (enhancement plans).

  1. Staying current will get you the most from other Microsoft technology innovations and keep you ahead of your competitors.  Microsoft Dynamics GP will enable out of the box Team workflows (automating processes) with Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation (without calling on IT) along with the ability to update Microsoft Dynamics Information that displays on external lists appearing in the system.

2. Value of the upgrades and service packs.  Microsoft pricing changed a lot, and for good reasons.  Many who owned or purchased certain modules related to Distribution or Integration Manager are now grandfathered into suites in Microsoft Dynamics GP, saving them thousands of dollars. There is more value jammed packed in the suites than ever before.

3. Customer Source.  Take advantage of it and use it! Benefits include e-learning courses, Knowledge Base articles like “Year-End Closing Tips for Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll”, and the Microsoft Dynamics Community blogs.  There is something for everyone.

4. Microsoft does not rub your back and tell you it’s okay if you lapse your support.  The fee is 19% of your system list price (SLP), and it adds up every day.  If you don’t know your SLP, your vendor will.

5. Sidebar to #4.  While you are considered “non-active” in terms of Microsoft Dynamics GP support, your SLP is NOT locked down.  This means when you want to re-activate your plan, you pay whatever the going rate is for your system under the current pricing. Recently, I’ve seen this number jump as much as 16% in a two-month span.

Along with Microsoft Business Ready Licensing, Stoneridge Software maximizes our customer satisfaction level by providing the most experienced and certified staff to implement and train Microsoft Dynamics GP solutions.  We also provide our own supplementary support because our clients asked for it.  Whether the need is unlimited phone support or more affordable training, Stoneridge Software's Support Plans are truly designed around our client’s needs.

For more information, feel free to contact us here at Stoneridge Software.

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