9 Interview Questions to Choose the Right ERP Software Data Center Hosting Provider

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The latest buzz in the ERP software world is “cloud computing” (aka “software as a service/SAAS”  or “hosting”).  Basically this means that a data center, separate from your location, installs and maintains your software on their servers and you access it securely over the Internet.  There are a lot of companies out there that are eager to host your Microsoft Dynamics GP software – but who can you really trust with this precious system that is really the backbone of your business?  Here are 9 interview questions you can ask a potential data center/hosting partner to separate the good from the not so good:

1. Where is the computer that will be used to serve my application?
2. Is the data center where that computer is located staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week? What staff is on-site?
3. What physical security measures are in the data center?
4. Is there redundant power, such as batteries and generators?
5. What cooling and fire suppression systems are available?
6. How many Internet service providers (ISPs) do you buy connectivity from?
7. Do you have a disaster recovery plan if your data center becomes unavailable?
8. Are servers dedicated to each customer, or do multiple customers share a single server?
9. What do you back up and how often? How long do you keep backups? Do you store backups off-site?
In addition to asking these questions, evaluate how well the vendor has integrated its service operations into its core business. Some vendors are only experimenting with the cloud computing model due to its immense popularity. For many, it is an operational change that is inconsistent with their culture.  If this is the case, they will not be able to make customers successful if the processes are not well developed, mature or universally accepted.

I got these questions from the article: Why Companies Must Embrace Cloud Computing by By Curt Finch,  and April Boland of Journyx.  I think they did a very nice job of evaluating the Cloud Computing option in this article and touched on these topics: What is the Future of Cloud Computing?  Can You Really Trust the Cloud? How Cloud Computing Can Save You Cash.

If you are considering hosting Microsoft Dynamics GP, contact CAL Business Solutions for recommendations of data centers we have already interviewed! We can help you evaluate your options for deploying Dynamics GP including on site, hosted and subscription models.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut/Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics GP Accounting Software Experts

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