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Strategic Decisions: Rethink Technology Adoption

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    As the CFO or Financial Manager in your organization, you work closely with your IT team to keep current with the latest technology and control costs. Planning the IT budget is especially challenging since developing technologies always promise to improve productivity and cut costs.  But has your organization taken the time to evaluate past technology projects to measure the outcomes of implementation?

    Business Process Analysis

    There is a different way to approach IT planning. Through objective analysis of the business processes that drive your organization, you can define what technology you need and perhaps more importantly, what you don’t.  Better define your priorities by taking a fresh look at the outcomes that you and your customers require and the processes that are needed to support those outcomes.   

    The process of analyzing current business processes doesn’t have to be overly complex.  We have found considerable value in bringing key stakeholders into a room and white boarding department processes to identify problem areas.  Make sure to get feedback from people actually doing the work to ensure end results are truly understood. There are incredible opportunities for organizations that are willing to rethink processes from the beginning.

    Technology Investment

    Once you have defined the processes and the outcomes, you can look at the fundamentals.  What technology will help you differentiate your business, provide valuable information to customers and manage your employees more efficiently?  Answering these questions will help you find the right products and services for your needs.

    This process is clearly more challenging than it sounds. “The way we always did it” is often a difficult hurdle to overcome.  Business process analysis and redesign specialists can give you the objective perspective to help separate emotion from analysis.  If you do solicit help from outside, choose a technology firm that has successfully helped other organizations with similar challenges and one that understands your business.

    Take the lead in a new approach for your organization. 

    Find out how you can do a better job of matching your technology plans to your business priorities. Contact Steve Kane at 301-634-2404 ( at BroadPoint Technologies, Virginia’s most experienced Dynamics GP Microsoft Partner.

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