QuickBooks 2007 is Retiring – Now What?

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Service and Support for Intuit QuickBooks 2007 is being discontinued on May 31, 2010.  If your business is currently using this version for your financial management, you have three options:

  1.  Do nothing and risk data corruption, loss, and inaccuracies as well as the possibility that your system could go down at any time and you would not be able to contact Intuit for assistance.
  2. Upgrade to a newer version of QuickBooks to continue managing your business data in the same way that you have been.
  3. Take your growing business to the next level with a Microsoft Dynamics GP business management solution that will give you the power, performance, and reliability you need at a price you can afford.

If your company is outgrowing QuickBooks and looking for a financial management solution that will continue to grow with your business, then Microsoft Dynamics GP might be “A Smart Move” for your organization. 

Erie Shipbuilding opened in 2005 with 50 employees using QuickBooks.  Three years later, they had tripled in size and were struggling with the visibility of their data.  They selected a fixed-scope implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP with Socius to support their growth and give them improved reporting.  They now have the ability to share data across diverse business areas which has significantly improved operations.  In addition, they were able to automate several processes that had been manual, resulting in time and cost savings and improved accuracy.  They immediately began saving 500 labor hours per year on payroll processing alone! 

“With Microsoft Dynamics GP, we can view costs at such a high level of detail that we can use historic project information to accurately adjust our bids on future projects.” - Kenneth Boothe, Jr., Program Manager, Erie Shipbuilding

Read the complete Microsoft Dynamics GP Success Story from Erie Shipbuilding and see how migrating from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics has helped other organizations like yours!

Request a QuickBooks Replacer Kit for detailed information on the benefits of moving from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

By Socius, an Ohio Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

3 thoughts on “QuickBooks 2007 is Retiring – Now What?”

  1. Roger - I completely agree that benchmarking is critical to making sure that your solution remains relevant and will support your business growth into the future. Thanks for the comment!

  2. It is always a good idea to benchmark your existing ERP solution against the main competitors in the field. Has new technology passed your existing solution out? Do you need to upgrade or switch solution?

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