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Roger Borek, Borek Business Solutions

8 Solutions In 1 for Microsoft Dynamics GP? I’m Stopping To Take A Look!

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Every Year at the Annual Microsoft Convergence Conference, I scour the expo floor looking for a ‘golden nugget’ of a solution for my clients.  This year I may have discovered the product that many of my customers could really benefit in using.  This product seems to cover all the “Add-On” modules we’ve promoted to our customers across the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable functions of the system.  The Best Part?  Instead of looking at 15 different booths’ products and ending up with 5 different vendors, partners  can bring just ONE additional product and vendor to the mix.

Over the past 17 years in the Microsoft Partner channel, I have worked very diligently to find “Add-Ons” for Microsoft Dynamics GP to further automate our customer’s ERP systems.  I have some extremely solid relationships with many “ISVs”, who have written solid products to extend the reach of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  We check references, test the product, go through implementations and integrations, and of course make sure our customers will get MORE than what they pay for.  So, when a new one (ISV product) comes along, we are open, but cautious.

This year the ‘treasure’ we are now ‘evaluating’ is Enliven Software’s Fidesic Platform.  It allows customers to pay ‘by transaction’ for a variety of services across the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processes...  I have worked with them to create a "Enliven Features Wheel” to help show our customers all the possibilities that exist within their platform.

In a nutshell, Enliven Software’s Fidesic Platform offers:

  • AR electronic invoicing - Delivery of sales documents via email, fax, or US Mail directly from GP.
  • AR electronic cash receipts - Allow customers to see account history, open sales docs, and pay from a branded portal  - Download payments and applications directly into GP.
  • AP receipt of purchasing documents via 7 different methods from suppliers/vendors  & Conversion into electronic documents (with OCR, error checking, and GL coding options)
  • AP electronic document routing/workflow/approval - Download directly into GP.
  • AP electronic payments to suppliers/vendors via ACH or MICR check - Route through payment approval workflow.
  • AP Vendor Account Center for vendor payment notification, online remittance and self-managing payment account information.

What else?  All of this is offered in a SAAS model on a hosted site.  So when we talk about length of Installation, Implementation, Setup, and Training – it is a matter of MINUTES instead of WEEKS!  Instead of using all the words in my previous sentence, they call it an  “ACTIVATION”.  We joked about the demonstration of the system being longer than the actual time it would take to get it up and running for someone.

No upfront costs, no annual maintenance, just pay as you run the transactions through the product.

Now comes the legwork on our part – testing the product platform, comparing prices and functionality, looking at ROI…but their pricing model is set to get less expensive per transaction the MORE you use the various pieces of the platform.

I’ll write again once we investigate this discovery a little more – but you better believe I’m going to put my 17 years of knowledge to work before putting all my eggs in one basket.  On the other hand, imagine how much easier it would be to carry one basket!

I am NOT saying that this product instantly replaces ALL the incredible features my favorite partners have put into their modules – I just know that for some customers, a simple layer (platform) that contains features they do not have access to at all currently, may be the perfect answer.

If you are considering Microsoft Dynamics GP for your ERP Software solution, please contact Borek Business Solutions at 541-345-3883 or

By Abra Gilman, Borek Busines Solutions, a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Partner located in Oregon.

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