We’re Just A Small Distributor; Is Microsoft Dynamics GP Too Much Software For What We Need?

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One of the best parts about being a provider of Microsoft Dynamics GP and financial solutions is the initial process where we just sit back and learn. This usually happens when we conduct our business review meeting or evaluation.  No solutions are discussed, no sales pitch, only processes and learning about what things are working, what things aren’t and what they’d like to accomplish tomorrow that they can’t do today.  This meeting identifies valuable selection criteria for our customers and lets us know if there’s a fit or not.  Selfishly, the best part for me is just hearing the story.

This week I met with a small yet extremely successful wholesale food distribution company.  I’m talking about the American dream here. They’ve been around for almost 25 years and it all started with one man, and one car, delivering frozen pizza to local grocers, convenience stores, and hotels.  Fast forward to 25 years later and the same man now has eight full time drivers, full blown delivery trucks, unique inventory, and “doing whatever it takes to make the customer happy” customer service.

One thing that hasn’t changed in the past 25 years is the core process of selling and distributing. This process is: load your vehicle with inventory based on what you’ve delivered in the past (memory), drive to your customer’s site then sell and merchandise the products.  This is what they do today without  inventory software.  Economy got them down you ask?  No way.  They have grown and continued to thrive in the past few years.  They account their success to knowing their customers and doing whatever to make them happy.

The office manager admits: “We need to start automating some things”.  Just what IF something were to happen to the ONE person that has it all in his head?  Or perhaps there’s a more efficient way of doing things.  Bottom line, they’re having growing pains.  QuickBooks and memorization just isn’t cutting it any more.  Time to quit gambling with lady luck, and implement a smarter system.

There simply comes a time when we’re working too hard, and not taking advantage of technology's ability to streamline and automate processes.  This is a sign that Microsoft Dynamics GP might be an option.

Back to my meeting - as anyone would be, I was dying to know how a new driver was trained.  Who does this?  How much time does it take?   How does one sum up 25 years of memorizing routes? How do you know how many boxes of beef jerky the Hugo’s in Hoboken normally buys without an inventory system?  This just can’t be easy.  It was quite the “aha” moment, to quantify how much time the President of the company has to take away from what he’s supposed to be doing to show the new guy the ropes..and more-so, who else this effects.

DFC, is a Microsoft partner, with over 20 years of experience and we can help.  Want to hear more about working smarter and how Microsoft Dynamics GP,  Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server can provide? Contact Stoneridge Software.

2 thoughts on “We’re Just A Small Distributor; Is Microsoft Dynamics GP Too Much Software For What We Need?”

  1. Thank you Nancy. You are right. I haven't had to walk away from too many opportunities because we couldn't scale GP to meet the needs of someone interested in improving their business. And what a thrilling time for you and I as Microsoft Partners; the benefits our clients will realize with Microsoft GP 2010 functionality and the ability to offer this 3 for $1 promotion to new clients – we truly have reason to be excited. Thanks again! ~ Sarah

  2. I agree with you Sarah, the discovery of a propect's needs is very interesting and is also the fun part of my job selling Dynamics GP. It is very important to truly understand your prospects needs and then decide if our solution is the best fit for their business requirements. The great thing about GP is that it is extremely rare that we can not address any unique requirement. I really like your article and approach. Thanks!

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