Taking a Closer Look at the Top 3 ERP Trends for 2010

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It’s hard to believe that we’re already a few months into 2010, but it’s the perfect time to review the top ERP trends for 2010 to see if any are proving to be true. These trends were created from surveys, reports, and analyst summaries from Forrester.

  1. Open Source
    The use of Open Source Technology will continue to increase except for ERP Applications.
    SaaS and Cloud are proving to be more relevant and the trend is towards these uses than it is towards Open Source. Microsoft’s unique focus on software plus services for Microsoft Dynamics ERP is a new approach that isn’t all or nothing. This SaaS framework adheres to all market types and allows for inevitable business changes.
  2. Small businesses going ERP sooner
    Small Businesses will be moving to an enterprise level ERP system sooner. In 2005 the average company had at least 29 employees before adopting an ERP system; this number is expected to decrease to 18 in 2010.
    I think this is proving to be true. With the adoption of Software as a Service and promotions to help businesses jumpstart out of the economic recession, small business definitely have an opportunity to take advantage. For example, Microsoft just released the 3 GP users for a buck promo making implementation of supreme ERP applications affordable for any business size.
  3. Mobile ERP
    Mobile ERP will grow in use and importance.
    This is also proving to be true. With the popularity of mobile features and applications, the next evolution in ERP will be a mobile client interface to ERP systems. Microsoft Dynamics has seen this obvious trend, understands the benefits of functionality and flexibility, and is creating new ways to reach this convenience.

To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics’ innovative solutions to the above trends, contact us here at Sikich. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specializing in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We work with over 4000 throughout the Midwest in a variety of industries with a focus on manufacturing and distribution, professional services, education , not-for-profit and multi-site international organizations.

By Sikich – Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Microsoft Inner Circle member serving St. Louis, MO and the Midwest.

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