Periodic Business Process Review – Just How Efficient Are Your Current Processes?

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How long have you been using your ERP software?  How much turnover have you had?  How much has the functionality of the software grown…while your processes haven’t?  At InterDyn-Artis, we have been able to uncover tremendous efficiency gains for our long term clients. What we often find is that there is a big difference between what management thinks is happening and what is actually happening. 

  •  Many users are still performing their functions the way they were 5 years ago (or longer). 
  • Many users were never formally trained on how to use the software and have found a way that works for them – with widely varying degrees of efficiency.  
  • Most managers do not have the time to search for new functionality that would improve current processes.

 That’s where a Business Process Review (BPR) comes in.  We go through a process of interviewing the end users to find out how they are actually processing data in MS Dynamics GP.  We can then make a realistic assessment of how efficiently they are using the system and whether there are productivity gains to be had.   We are able to ask questions having knowledge of how other companies process data and the capabilities of MS Dynamics GP and related products.  Over the last month, we have completed reviews for two clients and were able to uncover annual time savings of $28K and $47K, respectively.  Automating manual processes and providing training that enables users to take advantage of the software’s capabilities pay off in a big way. 

Contact InterDyn Artis today to schedule your BPR and learn how efficient your current processes are. InterDyn Artis is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner located in Charlotte, NC  with over 20 years serving the Microsoft Dynamics Community.

by InterDyn Artis, a North Carolina Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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