Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Security Enhancements

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Earlier in the year I discussed a few high level enhancements coming to GP 2010; this go around I wanted to dive a little deeper into the Security features. Users can expect GP 2010 to be available in full force May 1st, 2010!

Copy User Security

Imagine you are the administrator for a GP company and asked to set up a new employee and told to use the same settings as another user. While this generally isn’t the most time consuming thing to do with GP 10s new role based security,  wouldn’t it be nice if you could click a button and copy everything over. Well, now you can. This functionality works just like the Copy Role feature already in GP 10. A welcomed addition to simplify a process.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Copy User Security Window

Automatic Login

While its not exactly linking Active Directory to GP, Microsoft has gone a step in the right direction.  In GP 2010 users can now check a box to ‘remember’ their login credentials. This will apply to the user/name screen but you can go one step further and remember the company access as well. Essentially, the user goes from clicking the icon in the start menu to working inside of GP without any additional clicks or credentials.

Note: They have of course also included security to limit this from an administration standpoint.

I’m excited to see this as anything to make it easier for the end user is certainly a welcomed addition.  See the screenshots below:

Microsoft Dynamics GP Login Window

Microsoft Dynamics GP Company Login Window

Security Filters

For users that have been in either the Security Roles or Security Tasks area of GP, you know that identifying what makes up that particular role/task is certainly not the easiest thing in the world. This simple addition, when checked, will display only the selected items. As you can imagine you won't need to scroll up and down to find that one check-box anymore.  Honestly, I am a little surprised this one didn’t make it into GP 10, but nevertheless, a welcomed addition.

Article written by Stephen Schilling, Technical Consultant – ERT Group

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