Implementing ERP And CRM Solutions In A Climate Of Change

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When meeting with customers to begin the process of integrating new software into their organization, I am always amazed by the impulse to recreate the way things are currently being done  into the new solution. Inevitably, if I ask, “how do you want this to work in the new system,” I get an overview of how it’s done in the old system(s). Frankly, if the way you are doing things now is so great, why are you going through the time and expense of implementing a new ERP or CRM solution? 

I understand that change can be difficult in organizations. From an organizational behavior perspective, changing processes and technology can be fraught with battles over territory and feelings of inadequacy and worry. But, when you’re in the process of implementing state of the art technology, it can be the best time to review your processes and make changes. Think of this implementation as more than just a change of software. Think of it as an opportunity for process improvement.

As a leader, how can you be the change champion? First, do the diligence and make yourself the expert on what is possible. Emphasize the importance of thinking creatively and embracing change in the current business climate. Starting with this project, make the corporate culture one of innovation. Consistently remind team members that just because it’s always been done one way, doesn’t mean it is the best or most efficient way. Finally, reward innovative ideas and create opportunities for training to ease anxiety about what is to come.

Submitted by AIM Technologies, providing Consulting, Implementation, and Training for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Louisiana and throughout the Southeast.

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