Best Year Yet for Microsoft Dynamics ERP

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2010 has already been an exceptional year for Microsoft Dynamics ERP with product launches, enhancements, and updates. The primary objective of Microsoft  is to provide an ERP solution that fits the needs of your organization and helps you to deliver superior results, but here are more specifics on how Microsoft Dynamics ERP will and may have already achieved these ultimate goals for 2010:

  1. Become more affordable through the Software as a Service format- The Greater Sum: “Microsoft has vibrant businesses on the desktop and in the enterprise, and is making sizable investments in online services and devices.  As these four worlds converge, no technology vendor is better positioned to deliver on the vision of Software-plus-Services.  Microsoft has multiple ways to monetize the results through the familiar model of software licensing, offering services by subscriptions, leveraging Microsoft's industry-leading advertising platform or the growing form of micro-payments known as Microsoft Points.  And, Microsoft has the world’s largest and most diverse partner ecosystem, which is committed to its role in our strategy.”
  2. Provide a solution that’s familiar to you- By delivering ERP solutions in the familiar Microsoft environment you spend less time training on the system, reduce administration and maintenance by the IT staff, and get people accessing information faster to make better business decisions.
  3. Fit in with your existing systems- You’ve already made big bets and investments on products like Microsoft Windows and Windows Server, SQL Server, Microsoft Office, and even Microsoft SharePoint. Then why not use an ERP solution that inherently integrates with these technologies? You get a smaller, more standardized IT footprint; you cut down on maintenance and administration, and your users get a product they already know how to use.
  4. Meet the needs of your organization today and into the future- Whether your growth plans are in the near term or down the road as the economy improves, we have an ERP solution that fits your industry, company size, and budget; and that helps minimize the complexities that go with adopting new technology.
  5. Solutions backed by the Microsoft name- With the power of the Microsoft research and development organization, and thousands of developers, partners, and support staff dedicated to your application, you can feel confident in investing in Microsoft technology.

Contact us for more information regarding Microsoft Dynamics ERP and how it can help your business in 2010. Rimrock Corporation is based in Toronto, Ontario and is a Microsoft Dynamics consulting firm that specializes in simplifying the accounting software and CRM implementation process. The 20 years of experience we here at Rimrock Corporation can provide ensures that your implementation will be a success. Rimrock Corporation also offers a full line-up of Microsoft Dynamics classroom training suited to your needs and your schedule to help your staff maximize the power of the software solution. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we work with organizations of all sizes and complexity to deliver the maximum ROI possible for each completed project.

By Rimrock Corporation Ontario Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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