10 Reasons to Choose Microsoft Dynamics GP for Supply Chain Management

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A more transparent, controlled supply chain leads to a smarter, more profitable organization and a great supply chain management software solution can be the key to bringing that transparency and control to your organization.  Microsoft Dynamics GP can give you visibility into sales data, inventory levels, and shipment schedules so that you can have confidence in your ability to adapt to and meet customer demands.

If you were to select Microsoft Dynamics GP as your supply chain solution, you could expect to:

  1. Meet unique supply chain requirements without added complexity.
  2. Enhance communication and collaboration across your organization.
  3. Streamline critical purchasing and receiving processes by eliminating bottlenecks, increasing order accuracy, and reducing costs.
  4. Identify emerging customer behavior.
  5. Better predict future market trends.
  6. Keep your inventory lean with enhanced controls.
  7. Ensure your ability to meet demand by having the right inventory available at the right time.
  8. Make smarter buying decisions.
  9. Negotiate better terms with vendors and suppliers.
  10. Improve customer relationships with flexible pricing, faster response, and available inventory.

How does GP (formerly known as Great Plains software) accomplish all of these benefits?  It starts with the fact that Microsoft Dynamics GP works like and with Microsoft Office applications that your people already know.  This results in less time training, faster task completion, and more effective collaboration.  Follow this up with a suite of modules to help you manage every aspect of your supply chain from sales and receivables, to inventory, to purchases and returns.

Learn more about using Microsoft Dynamics GP for supply chain management here or take Dynamics GP for a test drive today!

By Socius, an Ohio based Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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