Working Smart- Stay Ahead Of The Game With Microsoft Dynamics GP Training

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Do you think of yourself as productive on a day to day basis? In some cases, it’s not really what you know; it’s how you use the information. Highly productive people prepare things well in advance, allowing them to outperform those with little or no preparation. They accomplish the job in less time and with less stress. That's called working smart.

Nearly everyone receives initial training when Microsoft Dynamics GP is first implemented, but how many of us continue to train on the finer points of GP? A great article on lists out pros and cons of GP training and its methods.  Check it out and learn how you can work smarter with Microsoft Dynamics GP:

Types of GP Training

Classroom (onsite or offsite)


  • Interaction with others provides immediate response to questions
  • Formal classroom setting requires participation and completion of work on a set schedule
  • Isolation from distractions (unless you allow your cell phone, Blackberry, laptop, etc to distract you in class)
  • Networking
  • Training delivered generally by professional trainers      


  • More costly than other training methods
  • Requires time away from the workplace
  • May require overnight travel
  • Available only on someone else's schedule 



  • Nominal or no cost
  • Can be done in the comfort of your pajamas
  • Can be done anytime
  • Doesn't require travel
  • Microsoft training materials are excellent, high-quality resources, written by experts in the community


  • No interaction with others, no immediate feedback to questions/comments
  • Can be done anytime - no structure forcing you to complete in a given timeframe
  • Can be easily sidetracked with distractions at work or at home
  • You're pretty much on your own and get out of it what you put into it

For more information about Microsoft Dynamics GP Classroom training, check out this link and for E-Learning opportunities, follow this link

I encourage and challenge you to think about how training can make you and your organization more competitive in the market place.  This is particularly important as we're exiting the recession. Companies need more output from the same number of employees because business is picking up, but employers are still reluctant to hire until they're sure the recession is over. Stay ahead of the game with GP training!

As an organization focused on customer success, Blue Moon Industries is dedicated to helping businesses define, implement, and support information systems to meet their strategic business goals. Blue Moon Industries is a leading provider of ERP systems based on Microsoft Dynamics GP software and is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with competencies in Microsoft Business Solutions and ISV Software Solutions.

By: Blue Moon Industries – Rhode Island Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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