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Distribution Centers today are under increasing pressure to deliver efficient pick, pack and ship processes, while simultaneously coping with a myriad of challenges facing their industry.   While many of us may not have walked through a Distribution Center, consider that every time you visit your local grocery store, you are in fact acting as your personal picker, fulfilling your personal order – your grocery list.  Now imagine what you would feel like if your local supermarket couldn’t stock the correct quantities of your favorite items.   One week they are short on your favorite cookies, the next week they’re on sale due to overstock conditions.  Not good.  Or consider an even worse scenario.  You arrive at your local market and ask for those double chocolate chip morsels, and are told that they're in stock, but stuck in the back warehouse behind the produce that just arrived!  I’d bet, rather than settle for second rate sweets, you would just stop at another market on the way home to satisfy that sweet tooth! 

When you consider that your favorite grocery aisle is actually the “forward pick” location of your local grocer’s bulk warehouse, perhaps you too can begin to appreciate how a forward pick warehouse employee looks at all those rows of products sitting in bins on the warehouse shelves.  Faced with some of the same challenges as you are when shopping for your next meal, Distributors need fresh product on their warehouse shelf, in quantities that can meet the demand for the customer orders taken each day. 

 Forward looking Distribution Companies are positioned to execute strategically and outmaneuver their laggard competitors. Are you prepared?

Product sitting in the bulk location, in large unpacked palettes or containers, is lost revenue and adds overhead costs to their operations.  Unfortunately, those “lost profits” add even more burden on top of the already difficult mandates that a distributor must deal with.    To improve operations, items in bulk staging should be moved to forward pick locations constantly throughout the day, as orders are being received, so that customer orders can be picked, packed and shipped on time, with the lowest labor cost possible and delivered to you right when you need it. 

Fortunately, for Distribution Centers using Dynamics GP there is a solution that allows this simple process to unfold thousands of times each day.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP, and a quality Warehouse Management Solution like Appolis’ WithoutWire Warehouse, distributors can have the visibility they need to move products around the shop floor based on real-time order status.  If you want to strengthen your warehouse operations, consider a WMS solution alongside your Dynamics GP implementation.  After all, those chocolate chip cookies are too good to miss the next time your sweet tooth begins to tug.

To learn more about how to enable your warehouse to become a High Performance Distribution Center using Dynamics GP, visit Sentrien Systems and register for our free online Distribution Executive Briefings

Robert Keuroglian | Sentrien Systems, Inc. | Solutions for Wholesale Distribution | Washington, DC | Authorized Microsoft Dynamics Partner

by Sentrien Systems, a Washington DC Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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