Three Tips To Help You Lobby Internally For A Change To Dynamics GP

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When you are not the final decision maker in the organization you probably have to build a case to implement any change.  That’s reasonable.  That’s good business.

Whether you have used Dynamics GP in a previous job, done research, or talked to others in your industry who are raving fans, you are confident that GP could help your organization.  You know that Smartlist Builder would save your AP team hours every week or that your order entry team would find GP so much easier to use than their current system.  There are lots of good reasons that you can probably come up with.

But how can you convince the boss.   Whether it’s the CFO, the VP of Operations, or the Owner that you need to persuade, you need to build a strong case to justify changing your ERP.  Focus on the big picture benefits to the organization and use actual estimates of cost savings when you can.  Here are three ideas to get you started.

  1. Easy adoption.  Several national studies have found that 40 to 50 percent of employees that could benefit from using the organization’s ERP system do not. Either it is too hard to use or too expensive to buy licenses for all employees. Dynamics GP can be implemented as an extension of the Microsoft Office applications that your employees are already using.  No long ramp up time and employees will quickly see results – easier access to information in the applications they know. 
  2. Easy for your IT team. Your IT team already supports products like Microsoft Windows and Windows Server, SQL Server, Microsoft Office, and even Microsoft SharePoint.  Dynamics ERP leverages the best of all these technologies so there is no learning curve.  The IT team is already stretched, help them consolidate and simplify.
  3. Reporting, reporting, reporting.  Data rich and information poor is a common refrain from organizations running outdated systems.  You may have gigs of data gathered from your current ERP system, but are you able to get meaningful information out?  Dynamics GP offers flexible reporting options from the transactional level with Smartlists to secure, powerful KPI dashboards available anywhere, anytime.

There are dozens more reasons that smart organizations are switching to Dynamics GP, but these three can deliver powerful savings and competitive advantage to your organization quickly.    Contact Steve Kane at 301-634-2404 or [email protected] to find out how BroadPoint Technologies, the premier Dynamics GP reseller in Virginia, can help you make the case.

by BroadPoint Technologies, a Virginia Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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