Three Key Predictions For Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

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Microsoft Dynamics® GP’s future is looking bright. Here are some key things to look forward to with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, releasing right after Convergence this spring:

1. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 is going to be a big hit.

  • If you are still on version 9, you are very much overdue for an upgrade. Some of the key new features in Microsoft DynamicsGP 2010 like native emailing of P.O.'s and printing invoices via MS word will give you a reason to embrace the GP upgrade.
  • Workflow in Microsoft DynamicsGP 2010 will no longer require Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS) but will work with Windows Sharepoint Server included with Microsoft's server operating systems. This removes cost and experimentation barriers for workflow in Microsoft Dynamics GP, which should help drive greater adoption of this new version.
  • The bright future may be farther out than we would like, but we can see that it's out there and should start making investments to capitalize on the ultimate upturn.

2. Business Intelligence will continue to be hot.

  • The release of Office 2010 will allow even tighter links with Microsoft DynamicsGP 2010 and provide some significant improvements for Business Intelligence.
  • Microsoft's PowerPivot tool for Excel 2010 will bring incredible power and ease of use to self service Business Intelligence inside of Microsoft Excel. When combined with Microsoft DynamicsGP’s Analysis Cubes, you will have faster and easier ways to analyze your operations than ever before.

3. The Dynamics Community will continue to flourish.

  • With Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Newsgroups, Forums, Google searches and more...People who can't find help with Microsoft DynamicsGP aren't trying very hard. There is more information out there to help you than ever before.
  • Microsoft has made some significant improvements in its CustomerSource website including significant improvements in my personal pet peeve search.
  • There are more ways than ever for you to interact and learn about Microsoft DynamicsGP. For a long time, the only event was Convergence, Microsoft's customer conference for Dynamics users. Now you can add Decisions, the virtual conference and trade show from as another learning opportunity. In addition, the GPUG Summit later in 2010 will deliver opportunities to learn and share about Microsoft DynamicsGP. Finally, we here at Computeration are increasingly providing live events and webinars to help you improve your Microsoft Dynamics GP solutions. The future for the Microsoft DynamicsGP community has never been brighter.

All things considered, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 sounds like it will be easy to adopt and even more convenient to find out more. Specializing in ways to enhance your company’s solutions with Microsoft Dynamics GP in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest, with clients around the world, Computeration makes your implementation successful by offering experienced project management, data integration, training, and consulting services.

By Gloria Braunschweig with Computeration, an ID and Pacific Northwest Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner.

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