Quick And Easy Reporting Top Priority For GP 2010 Developers

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Microsoft Dynamics GP has always included industry leading reporting capabilities made possible through Microsoft’s SQL Reporting Services.  So it may come as a bit of a surprise that when researching what users wanted in the upcoming version of GP, the resounding response was improved reporting.  The developers went to work on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 (formerly known as GP 11) with this as their number one priority and the results are an impressive set of features that make reporting quicker and easier for every Dynamics GP user!

One of the first places users will see this enhanced reporting functionality is right on their personalized homepage in the new dashboard functionality.  Each user’s dashboard is dynamic and easily customizable to include only the metrics relevant to his role/roles.  If a particular report is relevant to multiple individuals, it can be stored at the company level and thereby accessed by any system user.  This prevents duplicate efforts in report creation. 

Ultimately, a dashboard is where we go to make sure that all is as it should be.  If there is a problem or inconsistency in your data, it will show up on the dashboard and catch your eye.  So wouldn’t it be great if you could see the data behind your business metrics with a single click?  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 makes this possible!  The new dashboard includes drill-back functionality so all you need to do is click on any metric in your dashboard and the data set that created the metric will open.  You can even define the level of detail for your drill-backs to save time and effort in retrieving data.  SQL Server 2008 is required for the drill-back functionality. 

Building reports in Dynamics GP 2010 is easier, and less costly, than ever too!  Excel Reports, SRS Reports and Report Models, and Management Reporter Viewer are all part of the new and improved Dynamics Client for Office license which grants licensees access to GP data without paying for full system user licenses. 

In focusing on enhancing reporting, the GP 2010 developers have produced small features that will have a huge impact on user experience – making reports easier to access and manage. 

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By Socius, a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner headquartered in Ohio

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