Planning For A Successful ERP System Implementation

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Like most organizations, your company wants the best of both worlds:  an ERP system that aligns with your business and an ERP software provider who can exceed your expectations. The process of evaluating different ERP systems and providers can be daunting. Let’s fast-forward to the implementation process -  the countless number of decisions that must be made up front; the myriad of risks that must be considered.  Choose your ERP software and provider wisely – your satisfaction and resulting value will depend on it.

Consider the costs of planning. Right out of the box, there is an implicit level of failure. Why? Because of risks. Risks can be known, unknown or unknowable; they are firm and they are soft.  Quantifying them may mitigate failure, but does it mitigate the time value of decision making?  And, is it always the case that everything must be decided up front? How can you make the right decisions if you don’t know what you don’t know?

Obviously, these issues should be overseen by skilled Project Managers who have the right tools. One way that Microsoft Dynamics GP addresses this is through the implementation methodology model known as Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step.  Sure Step helps manage risk through a proven process that is specific to MS Dynamics GP and other ERP projects.  The combination of methodology, project management, and proven best practices provides more control over your implementation, migration, or upgrade. 

Without proper estimation and decision making, risks can dramatically impact the delta between the value you receive as a client and the cost of the relationship.  Less control, a greater cost, a larger delta. In the end, a succesful deployment is a matter of satisfaction and value.  It’s critical to choose an ERP software provider with access to the right resources and a clear understanding of what a successful implementation means.

by OmniVue Business Solutions – Georgia Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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