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Integrations To GP: Focus On Scribe Insight And GP Adapters

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    Integrations to Microsoft Dynamics GP are often necessary and can be straightforward – with the right tools.  Last time, we briefly touched on Scribe Adapters.   Let’s take a closer look at what is involved in a successful implementation of these integration tools.  The first tool you need is Scribe Insight.  This is the platform to be able to build integrations.  The optional Scribe Dynamics GP Adapteris pre-configured to use Microsoft’s eConnect engine. This means that the Dynamics GP Business rules will be followed when loading data and you do not need to know the physical table names of each table.

    Scribe has made the following objects available in the adapter for Dynamics GP:

    • General Ledger
    • Fixed Assets Management
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Receivables Management
    • Payables Management
    • Sales Order Processing
    •  Inventory Control
    •  Purchase Order Processing
    •  Field Service Management
    •  Payroll Management
    •  Project Accounting
    •  Analytical Accounting


    Additional objects permit access to Customers, Vendors, Internet information and notes.

    Scribe has also written customized functions specifically for Dynamics GP. These include automatically generating a unique Customer or Vendor ID, converting dates and phone numbers to conform to Dynamics GP requirements and 10 ways to calculate unit price.

     Scribe also provides adaptors for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM to GP integrations.

     As always, a successful integration project requires proper planning and a competent delivery team. Look for a partner that has Certified Scribe Consultants on staff and has had several successful deployments of Scribe.

     By Gerry Weiler, Project Manager, at your Chicago Illinois Gold Certified Partner, Crestwood Associates.

    Illinois Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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