I Don’t Even Know How To Add A Journal Entry! Overcoming Your Nerves In Implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP

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It is a daunting idea switching from one accounting system that you know like the back of your hand to a new ERP system. Despite what others at your company say about the new ERP system being robust enough to take your company to the “next level,” you find that contemplating something as simple as entering a journal entry makes you nervous because it ventures into the world of the unknown.

Although it is normal to initially feel this way, this feeling will not last long, as there are many training services available for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  First and foremost, to gain the most from your investment, it is important to select a knowledgeable Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner with a proven training methodology.  The right partner will work with you to design a hands-on training program that will enable your users to become comfortable in their new Microsoft Dynamics GP system.  Moreover, following your initial implementation, the right partner should offer training classes that new employees can attend to bring them quickly up to speed and make them  productive members of your staff.

Additionally, because your investment has the power and resources of Microsoft behind it, you also have numerous online, free resources available to prepare you and your team for your new Microsoft Dynamics GP system.  Some of these online resources include training manuals with step-by-step exercises and eLearning tutorials that you can take at your own pace – both of which are free under your Microsoft enhancement plan.  With the right Microsoft Dynamics GP partner, you will be well-prepared for your first day of live processing in your new Microsoft business software and excited about the new possibilities available to you in this scalable software that can grow with your firm’s success and needs.

By Sikich – Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Microsoft Inner Circle member serving St. Louis, MO and the Midwest.

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