Good News/Bad News For ERP Implementation Projects

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I have good news and I have bad news about ERP software implementations.  If you’re like me, you want the bad news first, so here it is…

Bad News:  The Panorama Consulting Group has found that 57% of ERP implementations take longer than expected. 

They attribute this fact to unrealistic expectations for implementation timeframes and failures to account for key project activities during the implementation planning process.  Whatever the reason, based on these numbers, your odds of “Going Live” on a new accounting and business management solution on-time aren’t very good. 

So what’s the good news?

Good News:  The good news about ERP implementations is two-fold.  First, the percentage of overdue implementations is down from 93% just one year ago! 

Second, by selecting an implementation partner that knows your business needs, has sufficient resources to support the project, and has a track record of beating these national numbers, you can feel more confident that your ERP software implementation will take place when and how you need it to. 

Socius, an ERP solutions partner and Microsoft Dynamics GP worldwide Partner of the Year, is following this national trend while surpassing the national averages.   In the last year, Socius has also seen the percentage of implementations that were completed past their due date drop.  However, Socius’ dropped from 38% down to 31% - both well below the national average!  Those that did run past their due date were quickly wrapped up – 20% within one week of the original “Go Live” date.

To learn what a reasonable implementation timeframe would be for your business, request a complimentary Business Requirements Assessment from Socius today!

By Socius, an Ohio Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

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