Will GP 2010 Be The Next iPad, Wave, Buzz, Etc.?

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There has been a general feeling of discontent permeating the technology industry recently.  You see, every time a new technology gadget or application is announced or released lately, it’s been a little disappointing.  There is so much hype and so much anticipation leading up to these releases, that there is no way the technology advancements can meet expectations. 

For two years, while Microsoft has been developing Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 (formerly known as GP 11), the anticipation has been building.  In May, it will finally be released and we’ll know if GP is able to rise above the hype and live up to the high expectations of users and potential customers alike.

Microsoft is so confident in this release that they are setting the hype bar even higher themselves.   They’re calling GP 2010 “The New Way to Do Business”. 

How is Microsoft Dynamics GP going to exceed expectations and become “The New Way to Do Business”? 

  • By extending insight across the organization
    • More than 27 roles have personalized views of data from multiple sources within a single window or dashboard
    • People can take that information and create virtually any report they need – and refresh data at any time with a single click – with more than 220 Excel and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services reports
    • This gives people tools that are affordable, personalized, and familiar while going well beyond basic reporting to deliver on organizational needs.
  • By making it easier to do business
    • An enhanced connection with Microsoft Office enables people to quickly create customer and vendor-facing documents using Word forms as well as sending batch and individual email messages for invoices, orders, and check remittances.
    • New workflow approval processes and improved document sign-off capabilities help teams work more efficiently with precise tracking and accountability.
    • Without writing new code, administrators or users can create a mini business application in Microsoft Dynamics GP that consolidates information for easier tracking and management by multiple people, for multiple tasks.
    • Many more enhancements were made to improve business efficiency and performance in highly specific areas that help people get more work done in less time!
  • By extending connections so that everyone in your organization works well together
    • Developers can quickly choose from more than 350 Web services that offer better performance and easier integrations while simplifying infrastructure and IT management.
    • Built in integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps sales, service, and business management staff collaborate and provides a centralized source that simplifies reporting and tracking.
    • Strengthens business relationships by enabling users to connect with customers and vendors through instant messaging from within GP. 

These points are just the tip of the iceberg of advancements made to Microsoft Dynamics GP for the 2010 release.  All of these work together to ensure that GP 2010 does not disappoint!

To see more of the new features and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and to hear first-hand from some of the beta users what their favorite features are in the new release, register for Convergence 2010!

By Socius, an Ohio Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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