One More Reason To Consider Subscription Pricing for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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In the past, Microsoft Dynamics GP customers who access the agreement via subscription (SPLA) had one very distinct disadvantage! But a new Microsoft decision has finally given them their just rewards.  Do you know what it is?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online  is well known for its on-demand subscription offering.  But it is relatively recently that Microsoft has been offering Microsoft Dynamics GP on a monthly subscription cost. This model makes sense for some companies who want to conserve cash up front or who want the flexibility of not purchasing the system.  But customers who chose a subscription lost one critical piece of their Dynamics GP systems – CustomerSource! This is the user focused website portal that contains access to training, techknowledge and all things Dynamics.  (check out this post for more explanation of Customersource)

But I think the pleas of Microsoft partners across the world, especially Rose ASP one of the most well know Dynamics GP hosting companies, has finally paid off. I know Linda Rose has been working on this for months and she confirmed in an announcement on Linked In yesterday that ”all of their Dynamics SPLA Hosting Customers have access to Customer Source. Finally!!!!!”

If you read the blogs on this site regarding SaaS (software as a service/on demand) you will see that there is still some controversy among the experts about which deployment model is best – but I do think this announcement about CustomerSource gives the SaaS players an extra point.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) Partner

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