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My Favorite Daily Blog – Microsoft Dynamics GP “Feature Of The Day”

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If you are like me, you will get an email, read a blog, or talk to a friend about an email or blog they saw and be SO inspired by it that you will SUBSCRIBE to get a daily feed or email from the publisher.  It seems like a good idea at the time, afterall, it was such an ‘on target’ message for your life!  Then you find your inbox so full of these inspiring messages that you find yourself deleting them before you really take the time to read them, or glancing at the keywords to see if it touches your soul that day.

And yet here I am – promoting yet another one that I have added to my repertoire.  But this one provides valuable information that you can be caught reading at work – and you may even save valuable time and resources from following its advice!

I introduce you to the OFFICIAL Blog of Microsoft Dynamics GP!  This “Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP” blog  provides the inside scoop directly from the Product Management and Marketing team!  It includes a ‘Feature of the Day’ with actual application windows, scenarios of use, and quick instructions of how to use that feature.  Many of these are addendums to features that have been in the product for several revisions and now are being enhanced to make the features even quicker or more user friendly and powerful!

For me – the feature of the day very often reminds me of elements in the product I have forgotten about, that I should be using or showing to customers, or it enlightens me to a component I frankly didn’t even know existed – and with the upcoming release is now  even better than before!

The inspiration to write about this today came from a couple of the features shared this week:

 1) Drill Down Builder - An enhancement being added to Smartlist Builder in GP2010.  But it listed scenarios in which we could build Smartlists and Reminders  today and get at the information suitably until we are able to enhance it with Drill Down Builder.

  2) The Edit Chart of Accounts Wizard being added to the Rapid Migration Tool.  This tool, as mentioned in the Smart Move campaign  , is for converting new customers from Quickbooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP quickly.  Sometimes we forget to stress to prospects all that Microsoft has done to make the transition to Microsoft Dynamics GP, such a powerful product, so EASY!

Of course I would be remiss leaving out that you could also subscribe to this ERP Software Blog, since a collection of entries from a ‘panel of experts’ must provide for some “Jewels” worth savoring every so often!  And I would be honored if you paid particular attention to the Borek Business Solutions ERP blog entries!

Abra Lynne Gilman, Borek Business Solutions –Oregon Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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