Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 And Multicurrency Financial Reporting

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Management Reporter is the name of the new financial report writer that will ship with Dynamics GP 2010.  It is written C# and uses SQL Server as the database.  It will have a user interface akin to the other Microsoft Dynamics and Office products, which Microsoft often promotes as a fundamental reason people should be flocking to its ERP products.

The new financial reporting application will also have the same building block concepts as FRx for report design - reusable report, row, column, and tree definitions that can be mixed and matched to produce a matrix of financial reports. 

What it won’t have in its initial release is multicurrency functionality. Why that is, I am not really sure. It is pretty difficult to identify any core or upper mid-market organization that does not require this capability. The outcry on this limitation has been loud and we think multicurrency will show up in the second release of Management Reporter. In the meantime, we will compensate for this disappointing deficiency, in one of three ways:

  1. If you are the kind of person who feels like a loser if you are not using the latest software products, Management Reporter will be a refreshing change. You can track exchange rates in Excel and link those to Management Reporter.

      2.  If you have a large library of complex reports, it will probably make the most sense to continue to use FRx until row linking and multicurrency are available.                If you are a new site and need this functionality, FRx which will be available to new Dynamics GP 2010 sites despite not being on the price list.

      3.  The third option is to use BI 360 from Solver, an Excel based financial reporter. The nice thing about this solution is that the software can be used to report  not only from the General Ledger, but also from most of the other modules in Dynamics GP.

By Rimrock Corporation Ontario Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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