Expert Advice on How You Can Tell if You’re Outgrowing QuickBooks

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An article written by accounting industry expert, J. Carlton Collins, CPA, lists some great tips and questions to ask yourself if you’re wondering whether QuickBooks is still the best solution for you. In this turbulent economy where any change is scarier than usual, who’s better to listen to than an expert?

Collins writes, “QuickBooks provides a good value and a reasonable assortment of features to meet the needs of small and entry-level businesses. While QuickBooks offers a good entry-level solution, it has limitations that prevent the product from meeting the needs of many companies and organizations—especially growing companies and larger organizations.”

"As a general rule", Collins says, "you are beginning to outgrow QuickBooks when you notice a delay in the menus and screens when navigating QuickBooks, or when reports take an unacceptable amount of time to print. Most companies using QuickBooks start to notice a decline in performance once the file size reaches 30 MB or the total number of transactions exceeds 32,000. However, while these measures can be good predictors of performance issues, file size and transaction volume are not the best indicators of impending performance problems. In QuickBooks, the number of customers, vendors, employees, and other lists most dramatically affects performance. QuickBooks support acknowledges that significant performance problems generally occur when any list exceeds 10,000—however, as a practical matter most companies see performance issues far earlier. For example, with each added employee, QuickBooks launches slower, and only a few hundred employees on a list can lead to unacceptable performance issues."

In summary, once you've started seeing performance and feature shortcomings in QuickBooks, this is a sure signal that your company is on the verge of outgrowing QuickBooks. When your business needs change, you may wish to consider Microsoft Dynamics GP. And here’s why- Microsoft Dynamics GP offers competitive pricing, support, conversion tools, and products designed to help QuickBooks users step up to a more powerful business management system that will meet their needs for many years to come.

Specializing in ways to enhance your company’s accounting software with Microsoft Dynamics® GP in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest, with clients around the world, Computeration makes your implementation successful by offering experienced project management, data integration, training, and consulting services.Many of Computeration’s clients have switched from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP because of its SQL Integration Services, business intelligence tools, and tight integration with Outlook, Word, and Excel.  

By Gloria Braunschweig with Computeration, an ID and Pacific Northwest Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner.

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