Dynamics GP – Love at First Sight!

Valentine’s Day celebrates relationships, some brand new, others long lasting.  Beyond the obligatory flowers and chocolate, ongoing romance endures for many reasons, which any good advice to the lovelorn columnist can elaborate on far better than I (although going on 30 years of marriage I must have done at least a few things right!)

I asked my many clients who had been using Dynamics GP (Great Plains) for over 10 years to share the secrets of their “love affair” with Great Plains and why they have remained faithful to this “relationship” for so many years.  These were some of the answers they shared:

Open communication.  Dynamics GP has always in one form or another provided various means to easily communicate with other applications. Be they legacy or productivity, importing information for efficient data entry or exporting information for additional analysis are features customers truly appreciate to accommodate their goal of a better together solution which marries the front office, back office and other day to day applications.

Reliability.  Trust in the integrity of the system was of paramount importance to many. Knowing that the original transaction details (accessible via drill downs and audit trails) stay intact from the initial source document through the financial statement promotes great confidence in the financial reports.

Growth.  Like people, business software changes over time and accepting and benefiting from those changes is key to the success of any long term relationship.  Loyal Dynamics GP users know that each new release (Dynamics GP 2010 for example) not only improves upon existing functionality but more importantly provides additional business intelligence that allows the user to make educated decisions impacting the profitability of the company.

Freedom.  Allowing each user to pursue their own interests creates a tight bond between the individual and the software solution. Dynamics GP promotes usability specific to the role of the individual within the organization.  This allows the user to become “one” with the software, providing the flexibility necessary to effectively and timely accomplish day to day tasks.

Supportive.  Perhaps tops on the list was partnering with a value added reseller who truly understood the needs and desires of the client. In (business) sickness and in health,  the knowledge and support provided by the reseller often is the key to the longevity of the relationship and the successful implementation and ongoing maintenance and applicability of the Dynamics GP solution. Here at the Knaster Technology Group we have, for over twenty years, fostered relationships of mutual success with all of our clients.

By Barry Knaster of The Knaster Technology Group, Denver, Colorado Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP Partner for over twenty years and loving every minute of it.

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