Conquer Complex Human Resources And Payroll Challenges And Focus On More Strategic Objectives With Dynamics GP

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Healthcare affects us all, so when we talk about high staff turnover rates, especially in Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities across the country, we want to ensure the turnover does not affect the care provided. After all, there is a pretty good chance we, or a loved one, may reside at a facility at some point in our lives.  Therefore, efficiency and reducing complexity in Healthcare Business Operations, is of utmost importance.  We want the focus of every Healthcare facility to be on taking the best care of our loved ones, and of course, us.

So, let me get to my point. InterDyn – Remington Consulting can help free your human resources staff from the drudgery of performing routine administrative tasks by allowing them to focus on more strategic objectives through the deployment of  Dynamics GP Human Resources.  Dynamics GP Human Resources and HR Self Service Suite make it easy for your employees to update their own records, via secure web environment, including the following functionality:

  • self-service functionality for managers and employees
  • employee pay history inquiries
  • benefits enrollment and status
  • employee profile review and updates
  • and skills and training information

The HRM Self Service Suite enables healthcare organizations to empower managers and employees and reduce administrative costs.  All the above information is tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll that includes all the functionality you would expect.  Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll delivers the features, control and security needed to manage sensitive payroll information required by Assisted Living Organizations. Direct deposit processing can streamline salary disbursement, reducing costs and enhancing security. The Payroll module also offers seamless integration with Human Resources, unlimited pay types, automatic calculation of shift differentials, unlimited deductions and benefits, on-screen inquiries, drill-down capabilities, unlimited pay history and automatic tax updates.

As you can see, Microsoft Dynamics GP helps healthcare providers manage the extremely complex HR and Payroll requirements that healthcare organizations face.  Dynamics GP can make it easier for your organization to attract and retain talented, motivated employees with tools that make it easier to record, store and access employee information. 

In my next post we will go a little deeper into the pro's and con's of the HRM Employee Self Service.

By InterDyn – Remington Consulting, Nevada Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified GP Partner

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