Why Microsoft Dynamics GP Is The "People's Choice"!

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Last week, my fellow ERP Software blogger, Barry Knaster, wrote a very clever post about which awards Microsoft Dynamics GP would win if they were up for a Golden Globe or Critics Choice award.  It got me thinking about how Microsoft Dynamics GP might fare at my favorite awards show, The People’s Choice awards (after all, what’s the point of entertaining without an audience, and what’s the point of industry leading software if no one is using it.) 

The fact is that people around the world have chosen Microsoft Dynamics GP and are using it to enhance their business' operations and financial management every day.

So, what makes Microsoft Dynamics GP the people’s choice for their businesses? 

We asked a number of our clients why they chose Microsoft Dynamics GP and how their choice has affected their business.  Here’s what they said:

Built for People to Adapt Easily 

Erie Shipbuilding understood that the interoperability between Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Dynamics GP would help speed adaption and help users in accounting and business management functions to be more productive.

“To support the sophisticated project management and accounting required by our growing business, we turned to Microsoft Dynamics GP,” says Kenneth Boothe, Jr., Program Manager for Erie Shipbuilding. “With Microsoft Dynamics GP, we can actually see expended labor hours per task on a project.  This has helped us distribute our workload in a much more manageable way.”

Gives People Access to the Right Information

“We really needed an application that could slice and dice the operations.  We have an awful lot of stakeholders we have to please including 110 different public funders, several hundred individuals and a couple of dozen private insurance companies,” says Tom Browne, CFO for Wingspan/Bellefaire JCB. 

Wingspan implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP business intelligence solutions including Business Portal and began monitoring divisional targets using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  Because each program is unique, it is difficult for Wingspan to implement a centralized performance measurement system.  Customized views using Business Portal allow individual program managers to track the information most relevant to them.

Has Microsoft’s Reputation of Creating People-Pleasing Software

BioStorage Technologies recognized that it would have to invest in smart technology to streamline the billing process.  “A goal of the project was to ensure that our customers received accurate, timely invoicing supported by a transparent, secure and easily maintainable database,” says Mike Reffeitt, Vice President of Global Finance and Human Resources. 

“We certainly were aware of the reputation of Microsoft Business Solutions, and as we evaluated the Microsoft Dynamics GP product, we knew it would work well for us.  The time savings were immediate and significant.  We now have one person preparing our invoices.  From start to finish it takes about a week.  Without Microsoft Dynamics GP, it would easily take four to five people all month to complete the process…We’ve achieved our goal – our customers are pleased.”

SQL Integrations Free-Up People to Stay Profitable

“[Microsoft] offers a powerful integrated ERP, project accounting, manufacturing and CRM solution with a SQL database,” said Jean Ockuly, Vice President of Finance for Neundorfer, Inc. 

By utilizing the Microsoft SQL Server, Neundorfer no longer needs to spend up to 8 hours each week creating the company’s most vital report.  Now they can monitor cash flow, projections, total backlog and other key performance indicators in real time. 

Partnering with the Right People

LPK, an international design agency, had narrowed their ERP system search down to three finalists.

“Any of the systems could have worked for us, so we turned our focus to the partner relationship and network of users that would be available for each of these finalists,” says John Keller, Financial Services Manager.  “Socius impressed us from the very start.  Their process-focused approach to the project assured us they were best able to deliver a long-term software solution and make the switch a successful one.”

Socius implemented an integrated solution for the company utilizing the Project Management component of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Keller is confident that LPK made the right choice – both in the software it selected and the business partner who implemented the software.

“With the support of Socius, this solution provides us with unlimited abilities to measure, report and act on accurate and timely data…Socius has an amazing team that has succeeded on every request for integration – this is key to maximizing the software’s capability.” 

Still not sure if Microsoft Dynamics GP is the right choice for your people?  Request a free business strategy assessment from Socius!  We can help you find the right solution for your growing organization.

By Socius, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, Ohio

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