Three FRx Tips To Help With Your New Year's Budgets And Reports

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For those of you who will be using Microsoft’s FRx Report Writer for your year-end reports and 2010 budgets, here are some helpful shortcuts from one of our FRx experts at the TM Group, a Microsoft Dynamics partner in Michigan:

 Tip #1 

A common request this time of year is to provide a copy of the trial balance in an electronic format for auditorsMicrosoft FRx Report Writer is the best tool for fulfilling this request.  It can easily be done by importing the chart of accounts into a row format, creating a column layout that includes the General Ledger account codes, description and actual year-to-date amounts.  If you have multiple segments in your account format ask your auditors if they want the accounts in summary or in full detail.   If you use the automatic import method to help build your rows, be sure to remove all of the entries that tag the account as a credit account.  The auditors may also have other requests including the year’s beginning balance and net change in addition to the ending account balances.  When you generate the report be sure to include accounts with zero balance and choose Excel as the destination option and the file will be ready for the auditors.

Tip #2 

If you are creating a new FRx report and you are using an Excel report as your template, you can take a shortcut by copying the column with the report row descriptions from Excel and pasting this into a new row format in FRx.

Tip #3

Another common question comes up when you need to add rows at the end of your FRx report.  You insert rows just like you do in Excel: highlight a row, right click and select to insert row, this adds a row above the one you highlighted.  If you need more rows at the very bottom you simply click on your computers down arrow key and new rows will be opened.    This same trick works for columns: simply click on the right arrow button on your keyboard.

By the TM Group, a Michigan Microsoft Dynamics Partner specializing in Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

5 thoughts on “Three FRx Tips To Help With Your New Year's Budgets And Reports”

  1. How can I have the following presentation in FRX:

    Total Revenue-Actual
    Total Revenue-Budget

    I need this for every month.

  2. We use Forecaster to create our budget (2011) and FRx to compare actuals to budget. In FRx it is not acknowledging the 2011 budgets. I know last year I had to load them in but can't remember how.


  3. The only thing we can think of (providing you do not want to export to excel and let excel handle the printing job) is to break your columns up to what will fit across a page, create additional catalogs (to pull the in the various columns) and then use the report chain feature to link them together in sequence.

  4. I have a FRX report with 40 columns that I need to print.

    How do I set up to print on multiple pages with the column description - similiar to excel page set - columns to repeat.

    Unless, I reduce - it only prints the number of columns that fit the page.

    Any help would be appreciated. thanks

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