Microsoft Dynamics GP For Healthcare: Why It Is A Good Fit…

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In order to keep costs down and efficiencies high, healthcare organizations rely on connected financial and business management solutions.   Microsoft Dynamics GP has proven to be an effective ERP solution in the healthcare space specifically for organizations like hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities because of its ability to improve operation efficiency, manage materials, attract and retain employees and manage financial information.   Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics GP can easily integrate with current healthcare databases, such as billing and other clinical systems. 

Microsoft Dynamics GP assists healthcare organizations with operational efficiency through ease of access to data and offers a wide range of additional features and capabilities with significant potential to streamline operations and reduce costs.  Microsoft Dynamics GP assists with controlling costs by helping organizations more effectively track business data, automate transactions and standardize exchange of financial information.  One of the features that InterDyn – Remington Consulting has helped numerous healthcare clients implement to aid with this is multi-entity capabilities: offering the power to provide a single database environment for multi-company healthcare organizations that operate as one. 

Microsoft Dynamics GP assists healthcare organizations with materials management by managing the entire chain of supply, which is essential as access to the right supplies when needed is critical to high-quality care.  Thus, Microsoft Dynamics GP can assist with web-based requisition management, enhance vendor management and tracking of vendor discount purchasing agreements, track inventory to budget, provide bar-coding for multi-locations and more.

Microsoft Dynamics GP assists healthcare organizations with attracting and retaining employees, where critical shortages exist in multiple medical specialties, through the ability to track applicant references, education, skills and more.  The system can also free up administrative time by providing employees self-service capabilities for payroll and human resources (HR).  Additionally, healthcare-specific payroll and HR modules provide features and capabilities for dealing with complex pay structures, including shift differentials, varying pay rates, employees working in multiple departments and positions and overtime rate calculations.  

Microsoft Dynamics GP assists healthcare organizations with managing financial information by eliminating paper-based data collection and disconnected proprietary information systems with strong financial controls, audit trails and the ability to drill down from summary information to the corresponding details.  Additionally, the solution provides the ability to easily construct financial, budget and forecasting reports that can automatically be printed and distributed. 

As a final note, Microsoft Dynamics GP also provides the tools and ERP framework that can help healthcare organizations implement best practices and procedures that are the foundation for achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance. 

Providing high-quality care is the number one goal of healthcare providers, and InterDyn – Remington Consulting’s number one goal is to ensure successful implementations of Microsoft Dynamics GP for healthcare clients!

By InterDyn – Remington Consulting, Nevada Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified GP Partner

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