Use CustomerSource To Provide Additional Benefits For Your Dynamics GP System.

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During the implementation phase of your Dynamics GP system, you relied heavily on your Microsoft partner.  Working together, you successfully deployed Dynamics GP, including the migration of your existing transaction history and financial results; you trained your users and are now up and running.

As time passes, however, your day-to-day interactions with the consulting firm will typically diminish.  As your employees grow more familiar with Dynamics GP, there should be less reliance on the consultants.  However, with adding new employees and increasing the deep use of GP within your organization, you may find that you need some additional resources.  While CustomerSource cannot replace the value provided by your Dynamics GP Partner, it can be a very useful tool for your company.

With these ongoing needs in mind, Microsoft Dynamics GP offers all of their customers access to CustomerSource.  This web-based resource tool can provide a wealth of useful information, all available 24-hours a day.  CustomerSource is included as a benefit for maintaining your annual enhancement with Microsoft.

CustomerSource includes:

On-line eLearning – the entire Microsoft Dynamics GP curriculum is available, at no additional cost.  Use eLearning to review material that was covered initially by your consultants during the implementation, explore new functionality and features that are not currently deployed or provide instructions to your new employees.  Learn at your own pace and receive direct feedback on your progress.

KnowledgeBase – this searchable tool provides a wealth of proven information, tips and tricks.  From searching for the resolution of an error message to identifying the correct sequence of steps for a proper year-end close, the KnowledgeBase is your always available research tool.

NewGroups – read the latest news about Dynamics GP, upcoming User Group meetings, new products and features being launched and the success others are having with their Dynamics GP systems.

Product Suggestions – Microsoft is always looking for ways to improve their products, and now you can be part of that process.  Submit your ideas for new features or improvements to existing ones directly to the Microsoft designers and engineers.  Many of the great features in today’s product have come directly from the suggestions of the end user community.

For more information on CustomerSource, and how it can be a great benefit for your company, contact your Dynamics GP Partner today.

By TMC, your Los Angeles CA Dynamics GP partner.

Use CustomerSource To Provide Additional Benefits For Your Dynamics GP System.

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