How Microsoft Dynamics GP Makes You More Alert

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Wouldn’t it be nice to receive an alert once in awhile?  It doesn’t have to be an alert with flashing lights and sirens, but at least an alert to let you know that something needs to be brought to your attention?  Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) offers opportunities to receive such alerts.

Dynamics GP (Great Plains) offers built-in reminders, custom reminders based on SmartLists, Business Alerts and other custom SQL alerts.

Built-In Reminders

Built-In reminders offer alerts for when a user logs into Dynamics GP (Great Plains). Common processes such as overdue invoices or upcoming payments due can be set up to alert you when the task must be concluded.  These reminders offer access to the previous transactions, so it's easy to see which invoices are overdue and which transactions must be attended to next.  These built-in reminders can even be adjusted to fit current business needs such as altering the number of days past due on an invoice.

Custom Smartlist Reminders

Dynamics GP (Great Plains) offers the user the opportunity to create infinite amounts of expanded reminders and the option to build off of SmartLists.  The Smartlist and Smartlist Builder features of Dynamics GP (Great Plains) open up every aspect and feature of the system to reminders.  Creating reminders from a Smartlist is easy and developed to be operated by an ordinary user, allowing you to manage your own business practices.

Business Alert

In order to create alerts that go beyond the boundaries of ERP software, Dynamics GP (Great Plains) offers a Business Alert feature.  This feature delivers alerts remotely via email, allowing alerts to be sent to people who are not registered as users on the system.  Business alerts are set up by the administrator and are more influential than reminders. Dynamics GP’s interface allows for you to create new Business Alerts and manage who they are delivered to, even allowing you to include reports in the notifications.

Custom SQL Alerts

If your firm can’t fit their alerts into a Reminder or Business Alert, then Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) has the solution for you: Microsoft SQL Server Alerts.  These alerts make it possible to create and send complex alerts directly from the SQL server. These alerts can be used to match up features to the general ledger while sending out a daily report to show accounts that need to be adjusted.

Implementation of Dynamics GP (Great Plains) will provide a host of early alert options that will allow your company to run smoother and keep all employees on the same page, eliminating many communication problems.

by Technology Management Concepts, a Southern California Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

How Dynamics GP Makes You More Alert

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