Don't Get "Conan'ed" - Top Ten Tips To Ensure That Your New ERP Solution Is Not Gone After 7 Months

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One cannot help but be caught in the "crossfire" of the late night programming war between NBC, Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien.  As of this post, negotiations were still ongoing as the various sides try to reach agreement on how to oust Conan from the Tonight Show, only seven months after he took it over from Jay Leno.  The primary reason: Low ratings.

I wonder how many ERP implementations fail in 7 months or less because of "low ratings" from the users.  Here are my top ten tips to prevent the replacement of  your ERP solution (Note - the links provided are all to other blog postings that provide a deep dive into each mentioned item)

10: Selection - Focus on finding the right fit for your business and not fitting your  business to a predetermined find.

9: Discovery - Identify key business proceses and requirements before you begin your evaluation efforts.

8: Implementation Partner - Choose a strategic partner to guide your implementation.

7: Planning - Microsoft Sure Step for Dynamics provides proven best practices and methodologies.

6: Project Management - Tracking all aspects of the engagement, including task assignments, resource availablity, budget, timeline and communication between team members.

5. Training - Sucessful knowledge transfer between implementation partner and users before, during and after the implementation.

4. Testing - Early and often provides mimimized surprises and failures.

3. Documentation - From discovery through Go Live -  documentation preserves and protects your implementation invesment.

2. Ongoing support - Resolving post implementation issues correctly and timely.

1. Continuing education - Webinars, conferences and user groups keep existing knowledge fresh while providing new ideas on getting the most out of your ERP investment.

By The Knaster Technology Group, Colorado based Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP Partner for over twenty years.

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