Can My ERP System And Business Related Software Work Together?

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It is common to see an organization looking for an application related to the nature of its business.  This will save money and headaches because by being industry-type related, the software will help the employees and managers follow the process for the business.  However, some companies have realized that their accounting is not in compliance with the necessary regulations and that is because regardless of how good the software can manage the business processes, is not well designed to handle proper accounting and bookkeeping.

Solution to This?
“Keep things in the right place” let the industry-related software handle your business process and have an accounting-related system to manage your bookkeeping and financials matters.

However, this will solve one problem and cause other: users in each department will have to work very closely together to make sure that information is flowing appropriately on both systems.  Of course, the manual entry process may cause errors like missing or duplicate data.

Solution to This?
Have a tool that will run on-going integrations from your business-related application to the accounting system.  By using this automated option, the current process of duplicate entry will be eliminated; the integration process will create, update and maintain the accounting system from any change in the industry-related application and the users from each department will primarily focus on their own tasks without overlapping each other’s functions.

This Integration tool can be found on the market and some of them can even leverage reporting and analytics that will help you make decisions on how to run the business to be more profitable along the way.

If you’re looking for specific On-Demand ERP software information, check out the resources on the ERT Group website. You can also contact ERT Group for assistance in determining if a technology solution can help your organization better serve your business needs.

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