Attend Microsoft’s Customer Conference Convergence To Get The Facts On Dynamics!

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As mentioned in my previous Blog regarding Seeing Software in use before buying…If you are considering Microsoft Dynamics ERP for your business, then you truly need to attend the annual Microsoft's Annual conference CONVERGENCE 2010 - April 24-27th in Atlanta, Georgia.  Convergence allows attendees to choose from over 400 sessions featuring Microsoft products, with the Dynamics User Groups heavily involved in determining session content. 

Check out the Convergence Agenda (which will continue to be updated as session content is confirmed) and notice the HOURS of “Hands-On-Labs” in which attendees work your way through tutorials or just ‘play’ on desktops loaded with Dynamics GP to truly experience the product for yourself.

There is a Community and Learning Center available throughout the conference which contains product support experts, developers to discuss ongoing research and meeting tables to schedule discussions with existing customers, Microsoft representatives or prospective partners.

There is no better opportunity than Microsoft CONVERGENCE for both prospects and customers alike to find out the real story regarding what’s happening with the product currently, in the near future and what we feel is far off, but is right around the corner for Microsoft.  We always have a Convergence link on our own website so our customers know when and where to register!

We also assign “Ambassadors” from our company who coordinate with our prospects and customers to be sure our guests get the most out of the event!  We help them make their way through the Expo, find any sessions or speakers, network with ‘like’ customers or find the products they want to see.  We also organize events within our attendee base so we continue to build camaraderie among our customers.

We usually have one of our own quarterly Customer Advisory Council meetings at Convergence so we can find out any changes they would like for the next Convergence planning (or even conduct changes while we are there)!

With the newest Microsoft Dynamics GP version scheduled to release this  Spring, Convergence is the perfect opportunity to attend sessions, discussions and hand-on-labs with the new features and functionality surrounding the product.

Bottom Line: Take advantage of the Early bird discount of $300 by registering by March 3rd, 2010 for Microsoft Convergence and get all your questions and concerns answered!

By: Abra Lynne Gilman, Borek Business Solutions, Oregon Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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