Are You “Connecting the Dots” In Your Organization? It's Easy With Microsoft Dynamics GP and SQL Server

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The news is filled right now with stories about how critical it is to our national security to be able to “connect the dots” with information gathered from various sources.  What important warning signs are you missing by not connecting the dots based on the data within your organization?

Most organizations use more than one business application to support their operations.  Multiple departments, regional divisions and project teams store organizational information in disparate data bases.  Are you missing hidden threats and obvious opportunities by not having a central view into organization-wide data?

Connecting the dots is easy with Microsoft Dynamics GP and SQL Server 2005 or 2008, allowing you to access and analyze information from across the organization how and where you want it.  Through a SQL Server data warehouse, you can combine the information from disparate applications no matter where they are located.  Once you have the data consolidated, you can:

  • Generate reports using SQL Server Reporting Services—the primary reporting engine for Microsoft Dynamics GP—to author, manage and deliver paper and/or Web–based reports.
  • Speed up decision making by managing data more efficiently.
  • Set up Analysis Cubes in Microsoft Dynamics GP, commonly known as OLAP (online analytical processing) cubes providing virtually unlimited ways to look at data.
  • Support Office Excel PivotTables, balanced scorecards or interactive dashboards built with the Office Excel Add-in for Analysis Services.

Looking at the information in your organization from new perspectives can give you insight that you may never have believed possible.  Customer purchasing patterns, product sales trends, regional cost differences and employee theft are just a few examples of how you use centralized data to connect the dots and improve your business decisions.

by Broadpoint Technologies, a Virginia Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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