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Who You Calling Smart? I’m Brilliant! I’m a Dynamics GP Smartlist

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One of the favorite features of Dynamics GP is its ever present Smartlist.  Smartlists are the preferred means by which many users access their data and it comes with your purchase of Dynamics GP.  Smartlists provides easy-to-use views into most critical data lists in GP.  These lists can then be easily exported to Excel for additional review, manipulation and sharing.

Smartlist Builder for Dynamics GP allows you to take this core functionality much further.  With this add-on module you can create new Smartlists that incorporate not only GP data but data from third party applications as well.  As companies use more and more applications to address various needs, Smartlist Builder can be the one stop shop that pulls disparate data into the format and interface that you are most accustomed to.  Some of the capabilities of SmartList Builder that you might like include:

  • Link up to 32 tables including third party tables
  • Configure to display the fields you need most by default
  • Use it as a “jumping off” point to go to other windows or Smartlists
  • Utilize Excel Report Builder for custom reports with additional formatting and analysis capabilities.
  • Create consolidated reporting across multiple companies using Excel Report Builder.

If you are evaluating Dynamics GP and you want easy-to-use reporting in a very familiar interface but have some complexity to your data sources, take a close look at Smartlist Builder.  For the relatively little additional cost, it can provide a lot of return on your investment.

In the future, look for some recorded demos of how you can get the most out of this sometimes overlooked module.

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Submitted by Crestwood Associates LLC–  Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in Indiana.

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