‘Tis The Season …For Physical Inventory Made Easier With Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Ah, year-end physical inventory is again approaching.  For all our Microsoft Retail Management System users, remember that we can easily perform year-end physical inventory counts and compare those counts to the Store Operations database.  Here are some simple best practices to facilitate the process.

Perform Inventory When Store is Closed

Sounds obvious, but necessary for accurate counts.

Use a Barcode Scanner

To facilitate counts, use a USB barcode scanner which may be connected to a laptop.  To add mobility, place the laptop on a cart to move to the physical inventory locations.  Use Notepad or other basic text editor program to capture each barcode scan.  Save your work regularly during the process.  Convert your final file to Excel and add a column for your count – if scanning each item individually, your count will be 1 for each scanned item.  The final Excel file can be converted to a tab-delimited txt format and imported to Store Operations Manager.

Complete the Update to RMS

  • In Store Operations Manager, go to Inventory> Physical Inventory.   A list of your existing physical inventories will be displayed.
  • Select New, go to Create Physical Inventory Count.
  • Select Create a new blank Physical Inventory Count for manual entry, assuming that you will use a barcode scanner and will import your count results.
  • Select OK to open the Physical Inventory Count window.  Type a meaningful reference number for this physical count, limited to 17 characters.  Further details can be added to the Description field.
  • Use Import File button to import your txt file of your inventory counts.
  • Review the Physical Inventory Report for difference between the quantity that was counted and the quantity that was expected.  You will likely want to determine what happened if you see large differences.
  • Use the Commit button to close the Physical Inventory and to update the Quantity field for each item in the count.
  • If you use Headquarters, the updated counts will be uploaded with the next 401 worksheet.

For further information contact Anderson, Tackman & Co. a Wisconsin Microsoft Dynamics GP partner

by Paul Pirhofer,

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